About Tassie

I am a passionate follower of Jesus, a creative family minister, and an experienced coach and trainer of leaders, as well as a proven equipper of parents and volunteers. My husband Ken and I are a clergy couple raising, two great young adults.

In seven years of transitional ministry, I have refocused my mission, passion, and giftedness into an overarching call as a teaching preacher and leader, a multiplier of effective ministry through others. While my work experience appears eclectic, my vision and focus is clear; my personal mission is “helping make Jesus real in people’s lives.” I accomplish this through training church leaders, parents, and grandparents to serve and minister to families and the family of faith.

Working for the presbytery as a coach and trainer in church revitalization, I honed a new skill set of coaching, writing training curricula and workshops, developing partnerships, and evaluating effectiveness of ministry. I am a lifelong learner, which is why I completed my DMin at Fuller Theological Seminary, creating my final project on passing on faith through families and the role of intergenerational worship & connections. I valued the DMin classes and training so greatly that I worked hard to pay for it out of my own pocket, since I did not have a church able to support me.

While I recently served a small congregation as transitional pastor, I’m excited to invest in and come alongside a growing, healthy family of faith for the long haul. I look forward to building enduring relationships, combining my vision for strong, faithful families with the challenges of the 21st century church and the need to reinvent ourselves to walk alongside each generation.

To hear recent sermons, please go to



“Bursting with Jesus,” go to http://narberthpres.org/sermon/4085/play

Contact me: revtassiegreen@gmail.com

One comment

  1. Paul Atkinson · May 19, 2017

    Hi Tassie – Paul Atkinson ( Arlo) – THANK YOU so much for putting into words the stuff you posted for Bill – my heart has been aching- feeling so tender – you have a gift for words 🙂 Thank you as well for being a person like Christ -filled and filling others- the days seem so different since Bill’s home going. But his memory lives on- that is so hard to say – there is a bunch more I’d like to say – but for now- THANK YOU is what I can come up with –
    God Bless you and your family Tassie – A new day , a new way to serve Jesus ;o)
    Arlo (and Denise)


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