About Tassie

I am a passionate follower of Jesus, a creative transitional minister, and an experienced coach and trainer of leaders, as well as a proven equipper of parents and volunteers. My husband Ken and I are a clergy couple with two great, young adults.

In ten years of transitional ministry, I have refocused my mission, passion, and giftedness into an overarching call as a teaching preacher and leader, a multiplier of effective ministry through others. I serve as the Dean of MALT (Mid-America/Lincoln Trails) Transitional Ministry Training for the PC(USA). While my work experience appears eclectic, my vision and focus is clear; my personal mission is “helping make Jesus real in people’s lives.” I accomplish this through training church leaders, parents, and grandparents to serve and minister to families and the family of faith.


While I most recently served a large, suburban, Naperville, IL congregation as Acting Head of Staff (and before that Interim Associate Pastor), I’m willing to consider investing in and come alongside a growing, healthy family of faith for the long haul. I look forward to building enduring relationships, combining my vision for strong, faithful disciples of Jesus, with the challenges of the post-pandemic church and the need to reinvent ourselves to walk alongside each generation.

Working for the presbytery as a coach and trainer in church revitalization, I honed a new skill set of coaching, writing training curricula and workshops, developing partnerships, and evaluating effectiveness of ministry. I am a lifelong learner, which is why I completed my DMin at Fuller Theological Seminary, creating my final project on passing on faith through families and the role of intergenerational worship & connections. I valued the DMin classes and training so greatly that I worked hard to pay for it out of my own pocket, since I did not have a church able to support me at that time

To hear recent sermons, please go to



“Bursting with Jesus,” go to http://narberthpres.org/sermon/4085/play

Contact me: revtassiegreen@gmail.com


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  1. Paul Atkinson · May 19, 2017

    Hi Tassie – Paul Atkinson ( Arlo) – THANK YOU so much for putting into words the stuff you posted for Bill – my heart has been aching- feeling so tender – you have a gift for words 🙂 Thank you as well for being a person like Christ -filled and filling others- the days seem so different since Bill’s home going. But his memory lives on- that is so hard to say – there is a bunch more I’d like to say – but for now- THANK YOU is what I can come up with –
    God Bless you and your family Tassie – A new day , a new way to serve Jesus ;o)
    Arlo (and Denise)


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