What would you do with 3+ weeks off? How do I chose?

  • Celebrate being done by seeing the musical Wicked for the first time, with Ken.
  • No, don’t take a Sunday off yet–fill in for a pastor friend with COVID-19.
  • Join in a pastors’ retreat — my awesome clergy group + great pastors from Chicago Presbytery.
  • Visit my favorite person on the planet, my big sis Tami + her grandkids.
  • Begin that book proposal. Yep, that one that you’ve been putting off.
  • Check the updated Church Leadership Connection daily for new openings.
  • Start a workout regime. Detox from sugar.
  • Fly to the Bay Area to see our darling daughter & her partner.
  • Sip wine in Napa with Ken & my cousins. And hike.
  • Take walks as often as possible with the silliest person I love: my lil’ bro Troy.
  • Eat meals with my wonderful folks.
  • Embark on a Disney Cruise with a girlfriend. Snorkeling in Tortugas!

This is my first day in-between transitional minister positions. Transitioning as a transitional, you might say. October is an odd time of year to jump from one church to another, so it may take some time. But it was well worth it to stay at Knox Naperville as Acting Head of Staff for the summer. A God thing, to slide me into place well before I knew I would be needed in that role. And then to pull me out early, when co-pastors Becca & Dave Bruner were ready for the job. It was truly my delight.

So what’s next? Now my options seem endless.

What would you do?

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