The Crowd Goes WILD

Yesterday I called my “little” brother with great news while his family was driving to a graduation. They all cheered wildly and clapped, blasting my ears through the cell phone and making me HAPPY. Best sitting ovation I’ve ever received.

One night I started the silliness while making dinner with my sisters at the lake house. When a kid would walk into the room, I’d shout out, “Let’s give a big hand for ____!” The adults clapped and chanted their name. Hilarious how the kids started parading through the kitchen one after another. My brother took the idea back to his job in the communications department of a church; when a staff member walked in, he’d lead his team in applauding them. He was amazed how often people began to “just drop by” instead of calling.

I’m a big fan of encouraging others as I have needed all the encouragement and cheering I could get in this last year of moving and job-seeking.

So thanks, friends! Here’s to you:

(C’mon, play it! You know you want to hear he crowd go wild for YOU!)



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